Boy Schedule from Today to Summer Camp

This is the schedule for the list of troop 41 activities up to summer camp.

  1. 3/20 Sunday 8:30 Mass/Coh at the Cardinal Cook Center
  2. 3/25 Ice Skating Fundraiser 8:00
  3. 3/26 Camporee Prep from 10-1 pm
  4. 4/22 Ockanickon, PA Seige Mafeting (Tenting)
  5. 5/1 Religion Awards Mass at Saint Patricks
  6. 5/13-15 Camporee at Pouch Camp
  7. 5/20-22 Gettysburg trip
  8. 6/12 Ollis Run at New Dorp
  9. 6/17 Friday Court of Honor
  10. 6/29 Ifly at 9:30 at Paramus
  11. 7/24-30 Summer Camp at Ressica Falls

Upcoming Scout Trip

Everyone, ”Be Prepared”, for the upcoming trip for troop 41. In three weeks, we will be going for an overnight outing on a shooting sports themed weekend. Activities will include 3d archery, cowboy shooting for the older boys above the age of 14, and many other types of shooting sports. It will be a very exciting trip.