Upcoming Scout Trip

Everyone, ”Be Prepared”, for the upcoming trip for troop 41. In three weeks, we will be going for an overnight outing on a shooting sports themed weekend. Activities will include 3d archery, cowboy shooting for the older boys above the age of 14, and many other types of shooting sports. It will be a very exciting trip.

Troop 41 eagle Scout Acheivments

Congratulations on all of our Troop 41 Eagle Scouts. This celebration has been a long time coming, but we are proud to have seen our eagle scouts enter another chapter of scouting. This is a very big accomplishment. Congratulations to our newest scout, who has recently completed his Eagle Scout board of review, Alex Miller. That makes 6 Eagle Scouts in total for this year alone. This is a major acheivment.
These are our Eagle Scouts of Troop 41 this year

  1. William Newstad
  2. David Poggioli
  3. Patrick Margolis
  4. Josh Talabucon
  5. Philip Dulas

Alex Miller