COH Pics: Congratulations to All Scouts

Congratulations to all the Scouts of Troop 41 who have received Rank Advancements and Merit Badges in the Court of Honor, with an overall number of 53 merit badges received throughout the entire troop!

Pictures taken from the Court of Honor Last Friday:

New Announcement: COH, Court of Honor Information

Here is an extended list of information for anyone who is planning on going to the upcoming Court of Honor:

  • All Boy Scouts must arrive in their Class A uniform at 7:30 pm to help with the set up of the Court of Honor.
  • All guests going to the Court of Honor must arrive at 8 pm.
  • Family members and friends of Boy Scouts should also arrive at 8pm.
  • Available parking is offered near the school chapel, as well as parking in front of the school.
  • No parking allowed in the left entrance to the front of the building.

6/13/21 Event: 2021 SSG Michael Ollis Memorial 5K – “Live Like Mike”

The date is 6/13/21, and the Boy Scouts helped with a memorial run. For Today’s Event, Troop 41 of Staten Island went to participate in the Micheal Ollie Memorial 5k, and the rest of the troop helped the runners on their journey to the finish line. Troop 41 was at the halfway point of the 3 mile run, handing out water bottles to the runners. They were in charge of running the first water station.

There were two scouts from Troop 41, who chose to Run In The 5K.

These Scouts Include:

Nicholas McAuliffe – Troop 41, Time of 25:57, First Class Scout Rank.

Nathan Wildrick – Troop 41, Time Of 31:37, Scout Rank.

Link To 5k Video Run:

2017 West Point Council Camporee

Troop 41 had the opportunity to participate in this year’s West Point Camporee.  This is an invite only event with approximately 7,000 (yes seven thousand) scouts and leaders.  The Troop was organized into 2 patrols for the event lead by Patrick Margolis and Joshua Talabucon.  While the weather conditions were less than ideal, the troop was lucky enough to stay in a dry camp site so meals and sleeping were great.