Resica Falls Summer Camp Week

Thank you troop 41 for a great trip that we all were highly anticipating for since the beginning of 2022!
And thank you for the help of our troop 41 scribe, Matthew Nichols for giving us the chance to share the experiences of the scouts by interviewing each of them!

Resica Summer Camp reviews

Night Bulls

Matthew Nichols – Least Favorite Part: Food

Favorite Part: The lake
Austin Scott – Least Favorite Part: Pioneering Merit badge

Favorite Part: Kaheem

Ricky – least favorite part: no lean twos

Favorite part being here

Nick McAuliffe- Least Favorite: The food and the bed setups

Jacob Volpe – Least Favorite Part: Search and Rescue

Favorite part: Kaheem

Dominic – Least favorite: The food

              Favorite Part: It’s a nice camp with good nature areas (water falls)

Favorite Part: Sports activities and merit badge counselors

Matt Calicchio – Least Favorite Part: The food

Favorite Part: Earning new merit Badges

Jackson – Least Favorite: The beds

Favorite Part: Sports

Andrew Nichols – Least favorite part: Resica Rangers

And Finally here are some of the highlights of the trip

Highlights from Spring Coh

Thank you troop 41 for another successful court of honor to finish the scout year off strong until summer camp. It was great to be back in the auditorium again after many years of being able to host a court of honor in Saint Clares gym. Here are some of the best moments from the Court of Honor.